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BHS Must Keep Heads up to View the Road Ahead

September 7, 2013
Terry Vaughan

There is a reason why many states have declared that texting while driving is dangerous and illegal. So many tragic crashes have occured because a driver had their head down and focused on the phone in their lap rather than the  road ahead.

It is a good lesson for the Bradford High Tornadoes to grasp on to.

After the season opener at Suwannee was cancelled due to a lightning storm, Bradford had to get their mojo back up to face arch rival Baker County on the road Friday night. For the past 28 seasons I have broadcast many BHS-Baker contests in Macclenny, and have always had to set up my equipment outside of the press box and in the stands next to the Wildcat faithful. While I felt a bit exposed, it didn't take long for the Baker County offense to expose Bradford's defense. A 67 yard post to a streaking Wildcat receiver on the game's 3rd play set the tone for what was a long night for those wearing scarlet and gray.

The scoreboard did not lie at games end. The 43-6 loss was indicative of the current gap between the established 5A Wildcat program and the evolving 4A Tornado squad.

Hopefully, dejected Tornado fans did not text messages of frustration while making the lonely drive back to Starke. Likewise, Coach Reynolds and the team must keep their heads up and remain focused on what lies ahead on the path.

You can say a lot of things about Steve Reynolds. Chicken ain't one of 'em.

Steve has consistently scheduled teams from higher classifications in his short tenure as Head Coach. In a time where so many programs purposely schedule enough cupcakes to pad their win column, Bradford's 2013 non-district slate is filled with teams from 4A and above.

So, while getting punished by a 5A Baker County team may hurt the ego, it means nothing regarding the Tornadoes hopes to capture a playoff berth. Coach Reynolds obviously thinks that the more chances David has to break out his trusty slingshot, the better he will be when the opponent is not Goliath.

So Bradford- buckle up and and keep a lazer focus on what lies ahead. While trying to dodge the huge potholes along the journey, it could keep you in the driver's seat and better prepared for the most meaningful district games that are still down the road.