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Spring Forward ... Fall Back

March 26, 2013
Terry Vaughan

You gotta love the month of March.

March Madness. St. Patrick's Day. Lent.  Easter. Significant occasions all.

It is also the month that we are forced to recall the axiom "Spring Forward, Fall Backward."

While the first Monday after the annual start of Daylight Savings Time may lead to the abuse of snooze buttons and alarm clocks everywhere, I really enjoy the change once my body adjusts. It is great to have the option of playing 9 holes at the Starke Golf and Country Club after clocking out at the office.

March 20th marked the official first day of Spring, when the axis of the earth increases its tilt toward the sun, resulting in warmer temps and longer periods of daylight. Blooming flowers await in the on deck circle. The entire landscape around us disrobes from Winter brown to a vibrant wardrobe full of greens, yellows, reds, and every color and hue found on the tail feathers of the NBC Peacock.

And as the month of March winds down, we know that the next earth shaking life moment can't be far away.

Spring Football!

Basketball and baseball spice up the menu -but for the real gridiron fan they merely serve as an appetizer to the main course. Spring Football will give us something tasty to crew on until we can sink our teeth into actual Pigskin action in late August.

While the Gators and Noles are already in full Spring mode, the Bradford High Tornadoes must wait until May 1st to begin the ritual.

No doubt BHS Coach Steve Reynolds is like a hibernating bear pacing in his cave just before time to emerge in anticipation of the return of the rites of Spring. The smell of fresh cut grass. Shrill whistles. The pop of shoulder pads banging together. May 1st can't get here fast enough.

Steve has to be optimistic about his returning Tornadoes and Spring Practice will provide many young men who have waited in the shadows the opportunity to spring forward, grab the brass ring, and demonstrate that they are now ready to contribute.

The Spring Jamboree will be held May 24th at 7 pm in Starke as the Tornadoes square off against Fleming Island.

So, embrace the arrival of Spring Football. It gives us something to look forward to until the excitement is really back in the Fall.

It is difficult to fathom that 28 Springs will soon have come and gone since I broadcast my very first Tornado football game on WEAG. But just like that wild-eyed, wet-behind-the ears young man in 1985, I still enjoy the advent of a new season.  While a bit thicker around the waist, thinner around the scalp, and grayer about the temples, I will morph into a young whippersnapper again as the excitement of the August 30th regular season opener at Suwannee aproaches. March is wonderful time  but nothing puts a spring into my step like football in the Fall.