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2015 Schedule Provides a Clearer Path to Victory

April 21, 2015
Terry Vaughan

Lelisa Desisa finally was allowed to enjoy the moment. The 25 year old Ethiopian captured the Boston Marathon last Monday with a time of two hours, nine minutes, and 17 seconds. Two years earlier, he held the winning medal high in the air, only to be rocked by the reverberation of a shocking explosion near the finish line. Desisa donated his 2013 championship medal to the City of Boston. " I want people to know I feel the pain" he told reporters. The tragic events of the day overshadowed his accomplishment however and his victory became an afterthought. 

After crossing the line first on Monday, Desisa was able to bask in the full glow of his triumph. " I am happy to win..for Boston", he told those same reporters.

The 2015 football schedule for the Bradford High Tornadoes has just been released (a full schedule will soon be published on the site) and fans should be hopeful that a clearer pathway to victory will result. Imagine asking Lilisa Desisa to run the Boston Marathon on a totally uphill course while toting an anvil. That was essentially the task asked of the 2014 Tornado team as last year's schedule was full of uphill battles with bigger 5A teams. The brutal gauntlet never allowed the squad to gain confidence and a 1-9 record awaited at the finish line.

This Fall, schools like Suwannee and Wakulla have been replaced by names such as Cedar Creek Christian and Crescent City. The path ahead still wont be easy, but at least the Tornadoes should line up most Friday nights with a reasonable chance to win. Corey Green's emerging program will soon find itself in a position to take on all comers, but not until experiencing some natural growing pains. In time, these Tornadoes will be able to bask in the full glory of a return to excellence.

So, Tornado fans should prepare to have a fun 2015 with the knowledge that a future path to victory is being paved. While no one wants to wait for results, it will be a sweet accomplishment when it finally happens. Just ask Lelisa Delisa.