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Taking Stock a Year Later

August 25, 2015
Terry Vaughan

Yesterday was one of the worst days ever for Wall Street. Fueled by concerns about China's weakening economy, the Dow Jones Industrial Average dipped over 1,000 points before finishing the session over 500 in the hole. It was dubbed Black Monday.

What a difference a day makes.

As I write this blog, speculators are predicting a banner Tuesday and a rise in the Dow of over 500 points. One man's crisis is another man's opportunity as buyers take advantage of value in the market.

If you invested in Bradford High football a year ago today, there were no doubt times during the 2014 campaign when you wondered if your stock was tanking. Too many Black Fridays in a dismal 1-9 season.

What a difference a year makes.

As the Tornadoes prepare to open the 2015 regular season this Friday at Cedar Creek Christian, you can sense that the feeling  is evident that a turnaround is in the works. If you didn't sell your scarlet and gray stock in panic mode last year, it may be time to see a rebound in its value.

Fans who were in the stands last week in Bradford's 26-0 waxing of Bishop Snyder have the benefit of "insider trading." They could see before the markets open this Friday that there was a new mojo in the air and an improved product on the field. It is a good time to double down, fully invest, and wait for these Tornadoes to  gain wind speed. Last season's team never generated much of a breeze. There are signs that a F5 may be brewing on the radar screen down the road.

Coach Corey Green was thrown into the storm a year ago just a few weeks before the regular season and had to just hold on for dear life while the season progressed. Now with a full year to put his portfolio together, it is remarkable how things have changed. New blue chips on the coaching staff seems to have provided wind in the sails and optimism for the future. Assistant Coach Bobby Johns has been a catalyst as have four other new faces. Counting Corey, there are 4 names now on the staff with Head Coaching experience.

More importantly, the players have bought in to the investment plan presented to them. Effective management plus a dedicated work force equals success.

If you can't make the game this Friday at SOS Academy in Jacksonville, you can listen to the action on Eagle Country 106.3 starting at 6:45. There is a great chance that you will have a different feeling when the game is over than at this time last season. Stocks rise and stocks dip-but the long term market appears steady.

After a brief period of downturn I think it is time to be bullish on Bradford once again.