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My Tornado Thanksgiving

November 23, 2015
Terry Vaughan

It started on a blustery night in Williston on September 13, 1985. It ended ten days ago on another Friday the 13th in Dunnellon.

In between, my time as Voice of Tornado football on Eagle Country 106.3 has been a fun ride with lots of thrills.

31 seasons. Somewhere around 325 games describing about 1,300 touchdowns for the Tornadoes. My very first call of a BHS touchdown involved a four yard run by Clinton Jenkins and the last a scoring reception by Bryce Jones. Proud to say I have never missed a game due to sickness during that span.

There are so many good folks to thank. My radio family at WEAG has been wonderful and supportive, to include such good friends as Ben & Ruth Dickerson and the Kramer family. I've enjoyed an excellent relationship with all of the coaches and administrations that have been associated with BHS and our school system the past 30 years. The pregame ceremonies at my final home game were so appreciated.

No broadcast is complete without the complimentary efforts of a Color Commentator, and I have had some phenominal guys by my side in the press box. Rick Cragg has been my loyal broadcast partner for 20 of my 31 seasons and truly has added so much color to the games.

My wife Jennifer is such a trooper who has essentially been a Friday night Fall football widow for three decades without complaint.

But most of all, I want to express my appreciation to the sponsors and to the faithful listeners of Tornado football all these years. Without you there would have been no broadcast. Recently I teared up a little after hearing from a disabled gentleman who is unable to attend BHS games in person but never missed an opportunity to follow his team through the radio broadcasts. It is so nice to know that your work has provided enjoyment to others.   

With a thankful heart, I invite everyone to swing by the Starke Golf and Country Club on Thursday, December 3rd anytime between 6 to 8 pm to for light refreshments. Rick Cragg and I will be there to personally thank you for your part in making these  Friday nights a success.

Meanwhile, I am thrilled to pass the mike to the new Voice of Tornado football. David Rodgers possesses the passion needed to carry on the tradition while adding his own flavor to the broadcasts. David will grab the baton and run with it.

Again, I wish to thank everyone for allowing me to fullfill a lifelong dream of doing play-by-play. It indeed has been a blast.

So one last time, I say to you : "This is Terry Vaughan wishing all of you a pleasant good evening!"