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Sir Winston and the Win

October 6, 2013
Terry Vaughan

Legendary British Prime Minister Winston Churchill was once publically approached and chided by Bessie Braddock- one of his political rivals in Parliament. It seems that Braddock took exception to  Sir Winston's propensity to tip a few too many pints of Guinness with the commoners at a local pub.

"I may be drunk" the rotund Churchill replied before taking a draw on a large cigar. "But in the morning I will be sober and you will still be ugly."

For fans who made the trip to Interlachen to witness Bradford's 14-12 narrow victory over the Rams, no doubt they woke up the next morning with the sober conclusion that the win was among the ugliest in recent memory.

After all, Interlachen has earned a reputation for being a team on the schedule that provided a victory as certain as a bright orange orb rising from the east each morning. It was 20 years ago when Tornadoes kicked dirt in the face of the IHS Homecoming Queen as they put a 76-0 damper on the usual festive occasion and the domination has continued throughout the past two decades.

When Bradford jumped to a 14-0 lead, it felt like old times. Death, taxes, and beatdowns of the Rams.

But this isn't your Grandfather's Interlachen Ram team. To their credit, the home team fought back and narrowed the deficit to two in the final minutes. A butterfinger prone Tornado team survived multiple late fumbles and managed to hang on for the win that likely felt a lot like a loss to some Tornado faithful.

 Mickey Gilley once topped the country music charts with the tune "The Girls all Look Prettier at Closing Time" The deeper we get into the season, the more appealing the win at Interlachen will become. Blemishes and all, Bradford remains undefeated in the District at 2-0. Ugly road wins are a lot easier to leave with than artistic losses.

Bradford is a team that is not yet firing on all cylinders. But with defining District showdowns still to come versus Umatilla and Keystone, the Tornadoes have time to tune up their engines for the all important stretch run down the road.

So while the 14-12 nailbiter at Interlachen was hardly their finest hour, Bradford still left town atop the District standings. Nothing ugly about that.