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Tornado Football Blog

TORNADOES WHIRLWIND PASS THE KEYSTONE HEIGHTS INDIANS FOR THE FIRST WIN OF THE SEASON   Good Evening Tornado Nation and Fans, this is Mr. Friday Night David Rodgers Voice and Play by Play Announcer for your Bradford Tornadoes bringing you this Edition of the WEAG Eagle Country 106.3 Blog for Tornado Football ... More
Taylor County Bulldogs Takes A Bite Out of Tornadoes for Third Straight Season Opening Victory Good Evening Tornado Nation and Fans, this is Mr. Friday Night David Rodgers Voice and Play by Play Announcer for your Bradford Tornadoes bring you this First Edition of the WEAG Eagle Country 106.3 Blog Tornado Football 20 ... More
Baldwin Indians Scalp the Tornadoes for Second Straight Loss 38-14   Good Evening Tornado Nation and Fans, this is Mr. Friday Night David Rodgers Voice and Play by Play Announcer for your Bradford Tornadoes bringing you this Edition of the WEAG Eagle Country 106.3 Blog for Tornado Football 2018.   ... More
Tornadoes Dismantle The West Nassau Warriors
Tornadoes Dismantle the West Nassau Warriors   Well Tornado Fans and Tornado Nation, This is David Rodgers with a recap of the West Nassau and Bradford Tornado Game on Friday Oct 6, 2017. The West Nassau Warriors came into David Hurse Stadium in Starke Florida on Friday Night sporting a 5-0 record and fe ... More
Good Evening Tornado Nation and Tornado Fans everywhere, this is Mr. Friday Night David Rodgers, Voice of the Bradford Tornadoes with this week’s WEAG Eagle Country 106.3Radio Blog for 9-22-17. The Tornadoes were back in action after 2 weeks of not playing due to Hurricane Irma and the aftermath she left not on ... More
Good Evening Tornado Nation and Tornado Fans everywhere, this is Mr. Friday Night David Rodgers, Voice of the Bradford Tornadoes with this week’s WEAG Eagle Country 106.3Radio Blog for 9-15-17. Due to the aftermath and the destruction most of the State of Florida had due to Hurricane Irma most of the High Schoo ... More
Good Evening Tornado Nation and Tornado Fans everywhere, this is Mr. Friday Night David Rodgers, Voice of the Bradford Tornadoes with this week’s WEAG Eagle Country 106.3Radio Blog for 9-7-17. Due to Hurricane Irma and its effects that it would have on the State of Florida most of the games in the State were mo ... More
Good Evening Tornado Nation and Tornado Fans everywhere, this is Mr. Friday Night David Rodgers, Voice of the Bradford Tornadoes with this week’s WEAG Eagle Country 106.3Radio Blog for 9-22-17. The Tornadoes were back in action after 2 weeks of not playing due to Hurricane Irma and the aftermath she left not on ... More
Tornadoes Scalp The Indians
Good Evening Tornado Nation and Tornado Fans everywhere, this is Mr. Friday Night David Rodgers, Voice of the Bradford Tornadoes with this week’s WEAG 106.3 Eagle Country 106.3Radio Blog. Last Friday Night the 2017 Tornadoes had their first road game of the season as they had to travel North US 301 to Baldwin, ... More
The Final Showdown of 2016: TORNADOES VS TIGERS
Hello Tornado Nation and Tornado Fans, Well I write this post with mixed emotions as the Tornadoes Great Season came to an end Last Friday Night at David Hurse Stadium in beautiful Starke Florida with a 48 to 21 loss to the Dunellon Tigers in the First Round of the State Playoffs. The score did not indicate how close thi ... More
Hello Tornado Fans and Big Red Nation! This is David Rodgers Voice of the Bradford Tornadoes and what a way to finish off the regular season with a thumping of the Crescent City Raiders on the road with a final score of 44 to 3 and wrap up a 7-1 overall campaign and a perfect 4-0 district record. The seaso ... More
Well Tornado Nation, it is officially over and the end result is that your 2016 Bradford Tornadoes Football Team is the Class 4A District 3 Champions and accomplished this feat with a perfect 4-0 record something that has not happened here in Bradford since the early 2000 seasons with a 68 to 26 shellacking of the Interl ... More
Good Evening Tornado Nation and Fans, just got home from the game between Keystone and your Bradford Tornadoes and what a big win it was for the Tornadoes as they Whirl Wind past the Indians 48 to 11 and push them to 3 and 0 in Class 4A District 3. This giving them a chance to sew up the whole district title in 2 weeks a ... More
Hey Tornado Fans what a game last night at David Hurse Stadium as the Tornadoes beat the defending district champs Santa Fe Raiders 24 to 6 in a big and I mean big key district matchup. You may ask what was so big about this win…well it means that Bradford is in first place and controls it's own destiny to win the ... More
The Eagles Are Grounded!!!!
Hey Tornado Nation and Tornado Fans~ this is David Rodgers Voice of the Tornadoes and my partner Big Kevin Howe bringing you an update on the aftermath as your Tornadoes improved to 3-1 with a resounding victory over the North Florida Educational Institute Eagles 44 to 0 in a Non-District Contest at David Hurse ... More
Taming the Blue Wave
Hey Tornado Nation this is David Rodgers, Voice of the Tornadoes giving you an update on tonight's game. The Tornadoes had to travel to Gainesville, Florida to Booster Field to take on the P.K.Yonge Blue Wave in a big district game and the Tornadoes came out with a big win 51 to 14.Brad ... More
Hey Tornado Fans This is David Rodgers Voice of the Tornadoes back with you for a Recap of the Football Game between your Tornadoes and the Taylor County Bulldogs. Both teams were 1-0 coming into this big non - district contest and Taylor County used a big passing attack to beat the Tornadoes 35 to 14 in the first road c ... More
Hey Tornado Fans, This is David Rodgers, The Voice of the Bradford Tornadoes, with another blog in the 2016 Tornado Football Season. Game 2 of this season should have been a great game between the Bradford Tornadoes and the Baker Coutny Wildcats at David Hurse Stadium in Starke but Mother Nature as in Hurricane Hermine h ... More
Game 1: Tornadoes vs Cedar Creek Christian
Hey Tornado Fans it is Mr Friday Night David Rodgers Voice of The Tornadoes and along With Big Kevin Howe with Color Commentary back with you to give you an update on what happened at not only David Hurse Stadium but at Bradford High School today as the students and faculty participated in the Hype Day they had at school ... More
2016 Tornado Kickoff Classic
Hey Bradford Tornado Fans it was a Great Night at David Hurse Stadium in Starke last night as your Tornadoes won the Kickoff Classic Game last night against Bishop Snyder 40 to 13 and a Great Way to start the season on a winning note. The game did not count in the win loss column but anytime you win it feels good and jus ... More
My Tornado Thanksgiving
It started on a blustery night in Williston on September 13, 1985. It ended ten days ago on another Friday the 13th in Dunnellon. In between, my time as Voice of Tornado football on Eagle Country 106.3 has been a fun ride with lots of thrills. 31 seasons. Somewhere around 325 games describing about 1,300 touchdow ... More
Jeepers Creepers! The Future is Bright!
Finding Dunnellon was easy. Finding Richard Kennedy Stadium, not so much. With my GPS system acting a bit temperamental, my travelling party opted to stop at the Mickey D's in town to ask for directions to the site of the night's playoff contest involving DHS and BHS. A couple of firemen standing near the soft drink ... More
A Special Night at "The Dave"
I knew my blazing 12.4 forty time would come in handy eventually. As I prepared to join Rick Cragg (my partner in the press box the past two decades) for our final regular season home broadcast last Friday afternoon, we had no idea about all of the wonderful surprises that had been planned. First there was a pre- ... More
Playoffs??? You Kiddin' Me?
Following a tough loss in 2001, a brave reporter asked Indianapolis Colts Head Coach Jim Mora if his team could still make the playoffs. Mora's animated response remains one of the most repeated media clips of all-time. "Playoffs??? Don't talk about playoffs! Playoffs ?!! You Kiddin' me?" Following ... More
A Homecoming to Remember
In my 30 years as Voice of Tornado football on WEAG, I have been a part of many Homecoming celebrations at Bradford High School. The Homecoming week that just concluded has to be among the best yet. Perfect weather. There were fun theme days at school. Tornado Whirl was off the chain. King and Queens. The parade was ... More
Keystone the Pipeline to Postseason
Politicians and environmentalists have long debated the merits of the Keystone Pipeline. If constructed, millions of barrels of crude oil would flow between Canada and Texas. For the Bradford High Tornadoes, there is no argument regarding the construction project they face. Defeat Keystone Heights and a playoff berth ... More
Bradford Must Get Back in the Saddle
Orvon Grover Autry was an American treasure. One of our original "cowboys", Gene Autry is the only person to be awarded a Star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame based on contributions  in all 5 categories in which a candidate could be considered: film, TV, radio, music, and live performance. Best known for ... More
Shooting First and Making it Count
Long before Mr. Hatfield and Mr. McCoy helped to fuel the nation's most famous rivalry, there was Burr and Hamilton. Lets just say that the two never exchanged Christmas cards. Alexander Hamilton was one of our founding fathers and served as the first Secretary of the Treasury under Washington. When Tommy Jefferson a ... More
Cardiac Kids
Cardiologists say that the symptoms of a heart attack often include shortness of breath, cold sweats, and tightness in the chest. If you are experiencing these traits, you should quickly contact emergency personnel. Lets add a disclaimer. These symptoms may also be present among fans of the Bradford High Tornadoes wh ... More
Learning to Drive
On Saturday I was tasked with providing a eulogy during the funeral service for my dear Mother. Many came up to me afterward and told me they could not have pulled it together and done such a thing. While the occasion very sad and somber, I was very prepared for the moment. For eulogies are not captured on paper or s ... More
No Retreat in Defeat
"Where in  the heck are the Tornadoes?" No doubt this was the question on the minds of Bradford fans who made the trip to Macclenny Friday night in a much anticipated renewal of the rivalry with Baker County. You see, the second half was about to begin and the Tornadoes had still not exited the locker ... More
Tornadoes Show True Grit in Opening Win
Many said it could not be done. Neil Armstrong proved them wrong in 1969 by setting foot on the lunar surface, fulfilling John Kennedy's pledge to send an American to the moon by decade's end. That same year a Hollywood legend who many thought was stuck on the launch pad proved he still had plenty left in the tank. ... More
Taking Stock a Year Later
Yesterday was one of the worst days ever for Wall Street. Fueled by concerns about China's weakening economy, the Dow Jones Industrial Average dipped over 1,000 points before finishing the session over 500 in the hole. It was dubbed Black Monday. What a difference a day makes. As I write this blog, speculators ar ... More
Ready to Turn Out the Lights
Perhaps an apology to Howard Cosell and Dandy Don is way overdue. As a kid, I would take my $20 Radio Shack tape recorder and sit in front of the TV during the Monday Night Football broadcasts. Turning down the sound  (back when you actually had to twist a knob on the set), I would perform my own play-by-play of ... More
New Lids for the Tornadoes in 2015!
The Bradford High Tornado Football Team will have a new look in 2015. You saw it here first! Pictured is the new helmet design that Coach Green has announced will be utilized. It is based on the logo designed by Lindley Adkins as part of the Positive Behavior Support (PBS) program launched last year by Principal Boye ... More
Has Andy Found His Barney?
The most successful marriages are the ones in which the two partners compliment and complete the other. The husband and wife have such a comfort level with the pairing that they embrace the fact that they can read  each other's minds. Often the marriage appears awkward and ill-advised but when strengths and weakness ... More
2015 Schedule Provides a Clearer Path to Victory
Lelisa Desisa finally was allowed to enjoy the moment. The 25 year old Ethiopian captured the Boston Marathon last Monday with a time of two hours, nine minutes, and 17 seconds. Two years earlier, he held the winning medal high in the air, only to be rocked by the reverberation of a shocking explosion near the finish lin ... More
Bradford vs Baker Just Got More Interesting!
Campfires can become hot and intense. Then add gasoline. The end result: the blaze will change from something you could roast a marshmallow over to an inferno that could burn down the forest. This pretty much sums up the state of the Bradford-Baker County football rivalry. Overnight a dying ember morphed into a r ... More
The "Yutes" Hold the Key to 2015 and Beyond
Joe Pesci's breakout role came in the 1992 film "My Cousin Vinny". Pesci was Vinny Gambino, an inexperienced Brooklyn lawyer who found himself in a rural Alabama courtroom representing his young cousin on murder charges. Needless to say, Vinny had difficulty adjusting to Southern culture. In perhap ... More
FWIW, I Can Relate to the HBC
The visor had already been discarded. As The HBC (Head Ball Coach) approached the podium for his post-game presser Saturday night, it was obvious that he was not in a chipper mood. Steve Spurrier's Gamecocks had just blown a 14-point lead at home with 2 minutes remaining to the Rocky Toppers, experiencing yet another cru ... More
Not the Typical Umatilla "Armadilla'"
It is not easy to get to Umatilla. Located in remote Lake County, the drive takes you through vast areas of National Forest land, where pavement and pine trees are about all you have to break the monotony of the trip. Oh yes..that and frequent road kill. When you have miles and miles of highways that meander ... More
Consider the Oyster
Last Friday the Tornadoes loaded up on the "yellow dog" and made the 3 1/2 hour journey to 5A Wakulla. By night's end, they carried back a 48-0 loss against perhaps the most talented team they will face all season.  Wakulla is located just beyond Crawfordville and next door to Medart and Pana ... More
The Shot for Relief
The Magnolia State is getting lots of pub these days for its college football exploits.  Over 30 years ago a former fertilizer salesman from Yazoo City put Mississippi on the map by capturing the imagination of country music radio listeners all over this nation. Howard Gerald Clower played footbal ... More
Who Will Bring the Hammer?
The oft' told axiom goes something like this: A fellow was strolling down the street when he was drawn to the blood curdling shrieks of a man in obvious distress. His search took him to the  source of the commosion, where he discoved a  bloke who had his hand placed on top of an anvil. Every ... More
Construction Instruction
Experts say there is one true way to gauge the strength of a marriage. Children being born?    Dealing with a crisis?    Consulting with a counselor? Perhaps. But if you really want to measure if the union of matrimony is held together with a steel bond, try building a new house. ... More
The Green Mile
Death Row at Cold Mountian Penitentiary during the Depression was a tough place to find yourself. In the 1999 hit film "The Green Mile", the late Michael Clarke Duncan captured an Academy Award nomination for his portrayal of John Coffey-a giant of a man convicted of murder. Despite his sweet spirit and mystica ... More
"Wax On, Wax Off"
No one portrayed an underdog quite like John Avildsen. He made Sly Stallone a household name as Director of the 1976 film "Rocky" and 8 years later he followed up with one of the most inspirational  movies of all-time: "The Karate Kid." You know the script. Daniel LaRusso, played by Ralph Mac ... More
Despite the Loss, Hope Springs Eternal
Centuries before Stephen Foster penned a tune that made it famous, the Suwannee River was well known among native Americans for its ability to foster new life. Warring tribes considered Sulpher Springs on the Suwannee to be a sacred healing ground where they could come to bathe and sip the mineral waters while putting as ... More
Legends of the Fall Now Share Team Colors
Their careers span from Ike to Obama. Together they represent more than 70 years of Coaching and over 450 victories. They once relished the opportunity to match wits on the gridiron. Now they're on the same team. Friday night was a festive occasion as the Bradford community welcomed new Head Coach Corey Green dur ... More
New Coach Hopes to Provide Green Pastures to Tornado Football
It is perhaps part of the most quoted chapter of scripture in all of the Holy Book. ..."He maketh me to lie down in green pastures: He leadeth me beside the still waters. He restoreth my soul." On Thursday afternoon Bradford High School named Corey Green as its next Head Football Coach. The former Hamil ... More
Bradford Football's Mt. Rushmore
As I approach my 29th year as voice of Tornado football on Eagle Country 106.3, I often find myself waxing nostalgic with memories of those who built the Tornado program brick-by-brick, stone-by-stone. Our rich history was crafted through the dedication and skills of so many great coaches, fans, administrators, and playe ... More
When it Pours...It's Raines
Drip.....Drip....Drip..... The leaks were evident early on. But the dam held up despite the constant wave of pressure. Then it happened. At about the 1:38 mark of the First Quarter, the flood began. Raines found the end zone and unleashed the storm-like fury. Like a man trying to hang on to a branch in a r ... More
Eastside Story
It took Broadway by storm in 57. The Leonard Bernstein musical West Side Story spun a tale of a battle between rival gangs in the hardscrabble backstreets of New York. Fast forward 56 years and the Jets and Sharks are at it again. Instead of the shadowy underbelly of the Big Apple, this showdown took place unde ... More
The Loneliest Number
Harry Nilsson was right. The legendary singer/songwriter penned the song and placed it in his 1967 album entitled Aerial Ballet. Three Dog Night released it two years later in their debut album and it became a top 5 Billboard hit. One is The Loneliest Number Bradford fans can relate following the hard ... More
Bubblin' Crude a Shot Away
It remains one of my all time favorite sit-coms and the theme song is  one you no doubt will recall with nostalgic glee. Come on..sing along! I know you know the words made famous by Flatt and Scruggs. "Come and listen to  a story about a man named Jed. A poor mountaineer, barely kept his family ... More
The View From Glass Bottom
The word "Wakulla" is believed to have derived from the Timucuan Indians, meaning "Spring of Water". This makes sense, as Wakulla Springs remains a popular attraction and features Glass Bottom Boat rides in which tourists can view hundreds of feet down through crystal clear spring-fed waters. Many fon ... More
Sir Winston and the Win
Legendary British Prime Minister Winston Churchill was once publically approached and chided by Bessie Braddock- one of his political rivals in Parliament. It seems that Braddock took exception to  Sir Winston's propensity to tip a few too many pints of Guinness with the commoners at a local pub. "I may be ... More
Eggs-actly What BHS Needed
Bill Peterson was a storied Head Football Coach at FSU in the 1960's when the fledgling Seminole program was still finding its way. Coach Pete laid a excellent foundation that Bobby Bowden was later able to build upon. As much as Peterson was respected for his Coaching prowess, he is perhaps best known for his many ... More
Are We There Yet?
It was a Summer tradition in the Vaughan household back in the days when men's ties were wide and roads were narrow. We would load up the "family truckster" and make the long trek to the Smoky Mountains for a week of fun at a higher elevation. The problem was that as a youngster, in my mind it seemed ... More
Opportunity Knocks. Time to Kick in the Door
One of Hollywood's legendary  tough guys was once the little kid that everyone picked on. As a child Bruce Lee often came home bloodied and bruised from losing fights in the hardscrabble streets of Hong Kong. He decided to adapt by learning martial arts and later became one of pop culture's greatest icons for h ... More
BHS Must Keep Heads up to View the Road Ahead
There is a reason why many states have declared that texting while driving is dangerous and illegal. So many tragic crashes have occured because a driver had their head down and focused on the phone in their lap rather than the  road ahead. It is a good lesson for the Bradford High Tornadoes to grasp on to. ... More
Groundhogs and Pigskins
20 years ago, movie goers were laughing out loud at the predicament Bill Murray found himself in. As Phil, the TV meteorologist, he discovered that he was trapped in a cycle in which every day was a carbon copy of the day before. One of Phil's memorable quotes from the 1993 film Groundhog Day went something like this: ... More
BHS Softball: What a Ride!
The game of life can provide us with a journey full of mountaintop experiences as well as the occasional venture into the valley. Some place so much emphasis on making it to a pre-determined destination that they fail to enjoy the trip along the way. While it would have been great if the Bradford Softball team had b ... More
Queens of Clutch
Back in the day, a guy named Jordan became a legend for making clutch plays in the playoffs when the game was on the line. On Thursday night, Jordan did it again. Different sport, gender and generation-same clutch result. The 25-2 Bradford High Girls Softball team had enjoyed a magical season, winning their dis ... More
"I Don't Want to Hear About the Labor ... Show Me the Baby!"
Perhaps its was appropriate that the old Firehouse on Jefferson Street was the setting for Coach Steve Reynolds address to the folks at First United Methodist Church last Wednesday evening. Heavy on the fire. Ample dose of brimstone. The Right Reverend of Tornado Football provided a stem-winding overview of his ... More
Spring Forward ... Fall Back
You gotta love the month of March. March Madness. St. Patrick's Day. Lent.  Easter. Significant occasions all. It is also the month that we are forced to recall the axiom "Spring Forward, Fall Backward." While the first Monday after the annual start of Daylight Savings Time may lead to the a ... More